OC Auto & Smog Center

Welcome to OC Auto & Smog Center in Santa Ana, California. Here we provide top quality Auto Repair and Service to most Foreign and Domestic Vehicles. Simply look over our services offered or call our office for more information or even a quote. We are located right off of 17th street and broadway. Contact us today at (714) 973-4652



Auto Services at OC Auto & Smog Center

At OC Auto & Smog Center your vehicle will done within the same day. This is huge benefit for those that have a job or need their vehicle on a daily basis. From brake jobs to alignment we do it all. Make an Appointment today for your next Auto Repair Job or Service. You will receive a confirmation regarding your appointment and service.

Automotive Repair

Getting your vehicle repaired is considered a priority along with saving money. Thats why with OC Auto & Smog Center we not only get your car or truck up and running. But we also provide you a reasonable fee for the service provided. Check out our page on Auto Repair Services in Santa Ana. You can see all of our services from engine repair to transmission service.

Star Smog Check

About once a year you are required by the department of insurance to have your vehicle smogged. Depending on what the DMV sent you will determine if you need a Star Smog Check or a Regular Smog Check. Luckily at OC Auto & Smog Center can do both Regular Smog Checks along with Star Smog Checks. Be sure to also get our Smog Check Coupon today.

Oil Change

Getting an Oil Change will significantly improve your overall driving experience. Keeping up with general maintenance will also protect your vehicle from damage in the future. No matter what you drive; Car, Truck, Suv, Van, even a prius will need regular maintenance including an oil change to keep running.

Brake Service

Do you feel your brakes starting to go out? Some of the signs to look for are vibrating brakes, squeaky wheels, or if it’s difficult to stop. It is time for you to change your vehicles Front or Rear Brakes. This service is normally not as expensive as most think. Plus at OC Auto & Smog Center we only use the best parts for your vehicle.